5th June 2013

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Lynne Cheney (former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1986-1993, former Second Lady, 2001-2009) discusses her views on Michel Foucault (French historian and philosopher) in “Deconstructing the Election,” by Win McCormack, The Nation, March 8, 2001:

“Thus,” Cheney concludes, “I, Pierre Rivière is a case study showing how different groups construct different realities, different ‘regimes of truth,’ in order to legitimize and protect their interests.”

The Foucauldian mode of analysis does not meet with any approbation or sympathy from the Vice President’s wife. In fact, she goes on to say that Foucault’s ideas “were nothing less than an assault on Western Civilization. In rejecting an independent reality, an externally verifiable truth, and even reason itself, he was rejecting the foundational principles of the West.” Therefore it seems a pretty good joke on her that it turns out to be the perfect mode for analyzing how Republican Party strategy in Florida was developed and implemented.

In fact, I might suggest that if Michel Foucault had not confected [sic?] them already, his concepts of “discourses” and “a battle among discourses” ultimately to be decided by power would have to be invented before this signal event of American political history could be properly understood.”

Read more: http://www.thenation.com/article/deconstructing-election#ixzz2VN4K1RJO

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